Limited Liability Company is a hybrid form of a business structure that combines characteristics of a corporation and a sole proprietorship or partnership.

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Our Easy Step-By-Side Guide On How To Form Your Business

Forming your LLC may seem intimidating, but the steps are simple and straightforward with our online forms. We created an easy step-by-step guide for our motivated customers. Here are the steps to help you complete your Limited Liability Company:

Step 1: Name Your Business

Choose the name of your company. The name you choose cannot be already be in use by another business or another person and should not infringe upon another trademark. We will add the identifier at the end of the name such as “LLC.” If the name is not available, we will contact you before we submit the paperwork to the Secretary of State. If you have a name in mind, register that name. Don’t stress yourself, you can always change the name at a later time.

Step 2: Choose A State To Register Your LLC or Corporation

The third step is to decide which state will be best for you to register your business. Keep in mind, there is a mandatory initial filing fee for the state. We recommend that you registered the LLC where the business will be primarily conducted. If you conduct business in multiple states, then you can register your business in any of those states.

Step 3:  Assign A Registered Agent or Service Agency

Once you choose your entity, state and business name, you can easily fill out the rest of the form. You will have to assign a Registered Agent or Service Agency. A registered agent is a responsible member or service company who can receive legal notices on behalf of your business such as lawsuit or summons. You can assign one of your members of your business to serve as the registered agent or our trusted partner can serve as your registered agent.

Step: 4 Obtain A Federal Tax Identification(EIN)

You are required to obtain your federal tax identification when you open bank accounts, file your tax returns, apply for business licenses or pay employees. A Federal Tax Identification/EIN is a 9-digit number to identify a business entity and they are issued for the purpose of tax administration.

Once you fulfill those requirements, you will have to select payment and click submit. We will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours.

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